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Mike and Jessica Trout introduce their baby boy

Son Beckham born Thursday evening

Mike and Jessica Trout had their first child on Thursday. They shared on Twitter the birth of their son Beckham on Saturday.

Mike Trout’s son having the initials BAT seems perfect.

Aaron is the name of Jessica Trout’s brother, former Angels minor leaguer Aaron Cox, who committed suicide in 2018. The Trouts earlier this year partnered with sports apparel company Tiny Turnip to help support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

“We knew we wanted to focus our efforts on mental health awareness, specifically suicide prevention, as this is a cause that hits close to home for us,” Jessica Trout wrote in a blog post about the foundation.

When Mike Trout will return to the Angels hasn’t yet been finalized.

Saturday is his third day on the paternity list, the maximum allowed by MLB. Manager Joe Maddon said he anticipates Trout, who expressed concerns during summer camp about playing during a pandemic10 days ago Trout even said, “If there was an outbreak, we’d have to evaluate the situation and go from there. You have to do what’s right for the family.” — will rejoin the Angels soon, perhaps as early as Sunday.

“I’ve already written things down to put him in the lineup for tomorrow,” Maddon said on a conference call Saturday. “That’d be so nice to be able to do that, and then finally get really close to the lineup that we thought we’re going to have coming out of the second camp.”