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What will the Angels do at the trade deadline?

The deadline is today at 1:00 p.m. PT

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels

The 2020 trade deadline is today, and just like you I have no clue what the Angels’ plan is. Like always, the deadline is at 1:00 p.m. PT so there is still some time to get some last-minute deals in.

The Angels are in a tough position as they enter the final day of August. They currently have the worst record in the American League. As of now, they’re 7.5 games out of the final playoff spot. With 25 games, they aren’t officially eliminated yet, but they’d need a miracle to make the postseason.

With that being said, should they be sellers? It appears they already are, as they’ve parted ways with Tommy La Stella and Jason Castro already. The Angels have plenty of players that contenders would want. And no, Mike Trout isn’t going anywhere. However, names like David Fletcher and Dylan Bundy could be some that teams will want, especially with such a dry market. With the season Bundy has had, he’s easily one of the top starting pitchers who could be on the move, making him much more valuable.

Same with Fletcher. There are numerous teams that could use his bat and defense, should the Angels part ways. With this season looking like a wash, do the Angels call it quits and pick up some prospects on the way, or do they try and make a run and see if a miracle can happen?

Your guess is as good as mine. Well, the good thing is we’ll have our answer in only a few hours.