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Mike Trout wants to break his postseason drought

He’s played in only one playoff series in his career

Los Angeles Angels v San Diego Padres Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Mike Trout has been the best player in baseball for nearly a decade. He’ll retire as one of the greatest to ever play the game. However, the greatest in the game is missing one trophy on his shelf. A World Series trophy.

It’s not like Trout has gotten close and come up short numerous times. He’s only played in one playoff series over his 10-year big-league career. Back in 2014, the Angels were swept in three games in the ALDS against the Royals. It was a very forgettable series for him, as he went 1-for-12.

Trout is hungry to get back to October baseball.

“I’m trying to get to the playoffs,” he said to reporters over Zoom on Monday morning. “We all are. If that’s not the mindset, you shouldn’t be here. That’s why I come in. We got one goal. Get to the playoffs and win the World Series. Looking for a fresh start. I’m getting older, but I’m still young. This year I’m a dad, maybe that’ll change things.”

Trout will turn 30 later in the season. He still has many years left in the show (his contract says so), but time isn’t on his side when it comes to his career.

Baseball isn’t like other sports. In the NBA, if you have a player who can score 30 points a game, that can be enough to sneak into the postseason. In the NFL, if you have a really good quarterback, you can find your way in. With baseball, it doesn’t matter how good you are. Trout likely has only four at bats a game. Sometimes those AB’s can be enough to win a game, but usually that’s not the case.

“I hear it every year,” Trout said. “I think the only way to change that is to get to the playoffs. I really want to get to the playoffs. I’m tired of hearing it. I got to do what’s best for me and what’s best for the team.”

As Trout mentioned during the call, there was a lot of change this offseason with the Angels from top to bottom. They hired a new GM and a lot of new faces are in the clubhouse. He said that change can be good, and maybe something new will be good for the Angels in their quest towards making the playoffs.