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Brandon Marsh is close to returning to outfield

He had a setback this offseason

MLB: Los Angeles Angels-Media Day Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The other day, MLB Pipeline rated Brandon Marsh as the Angels’ No. 1 prospect. The highest level he’s appeared in is Double-A, but manager Joe Maddon thinks there’s a strong chance we can see him with the big-league club at some point in 2021.

“I can’t wait to see him,” Maddon said. “I love the way he gets started at the plate. It plays. I really like his swing a lot. I like the way he runs. I like his attitude. He just pays attention. We just need to see him play. He’s a big-leaguer. I’m as eager to see him as anyone else.”

Maddon did add though that just because he’s LA’s top prospect, he isn’t guaranteed a spot whatsoever, he’ll have to earn it.

“There will be nothing holding him back,” he said. “He’s going to have to be playing well. There’s no scholarship. Everyone has to earn the right to be here.”

We have yet to see Marsh in the outfield this spring, as he’s been dealing with a labrum issue. When speaking with reporters on Saturday morning, Marsh said that he tweaked it and it set him back a couple of weeks. He’s expected to be back to playing defense in a week or so. He added that it’s nothing serious, but it’s just kind of been lingering since last season at the alternate site.

He’s still been able to hit, as he’s had seven plate appearances this spring.

Throughout his time in the minors, Marsh has only ever spent time in the outfield, mainly center field. However, the Angels have been testing him out at first base, hoping to find a way to get him into games however they can.

“I loved playing first base,” Marsh said. “It brought a new challenge. You mix in a little first, it adds flavor to your day. It’s just in case the team needed it. They wanted to test it and see if I can play it.”

Marsh knows that he’s seen as the Angels’ top prospect and overall one of the top prospects in the game. He’s not going to let that get to him, though.

“When you hear stuff like that, you tell yourself to get complacent,” he said. “I’m a long ways from where I want to be and where I need to be. It’s going to be a process. It’s good hearing things like that.”

For 2021, Marsh doesn’t have any statistical goals or anything like that. He’s not trying to hit 30 home runs or drive in 100 runs. For him, his No. 1 goal is to stay healthy and make it through the season.

“Just staying on the field, that’s my main goal.”

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