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Shohei Ohtani continues to impress at the plate

He is hitting over .500 this spring with three homers

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The other day, I wrote about how Shohei Ohtani has struggled on the mound to begin the spring. Well luckily, he has been the complete opposite while at the plate.

Ohtani had his best game of the spring as a hitter on Monday, as he hit not one... but two home runs.

His first homer came in the first inning when he hit a solo shot the opposite way, showing his true power by hitting one over the left field fence.

“The first home run, I didn’t really put a good swing on it and the ball just tapped the bat and still made it over the fence,” Ohtani said to reporters following the game “I think that’s a good sign.”

I would agree. Hitting a home run 400 feet the other direction is certainly a great sign.

He hit another home run in the third inning, yet again going to the opposite field. This one wasn’t as opposite field as the previous, but it still was an oppo taco regardless, showing his strength at the plate truly is remarkable.

So far this spring, Ohtani is hitting a remarkable .563 with three home runs and five RBI.

“You remember last year, [he was] spinning off a lot of pitches, not really seeing the ball [all] the way in,” Angels manager Joe Maddon said to reporters. “I don’t think I’ve seen that one time out of him. He’s in a better spot in the box. Balance-wise, hands-wise, seeing the ball. There’s no reason to believe that this will not continue, what you’re seeing right now.”

It is a small sample size, so no need to get overly excited. However, it certainly is an encouraging sign seeing him succeed like this at the plate.

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