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José Iglesias makes defensive play of the spring

One of the best plays you’ll ever see a shortstop make

It’s only Spring Training, so sadly these games don’t count. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start your Gold Glove campaign a little early. I would say it’s pretty rare that you see the best defensive play of the year in March, but we most likely witnessed that on Sunday afternoon.

Although he has yet to win a Gold Glove Award, José Iglesias has always been amazing defensively at shortstop. He showed every Angels fan that on Sunday. Check out this unbelievable play he made.

The Angels lost an incredible defensive shortstop in Andrelton Simmons this offseason, but they picked up a pretty damn good one in Iglesias.

In addition to flashing the leather defensively, he’s also been great with the bat for the Angels through the first week. He’s 4-for-10 with one home run and five RBI and two triples. Adding his glove to the infield will be a huge addition for the Angels, but if he’s able to consistently hit as well, this could turn out to be the trade of the offseason for the Halos.