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Mike Trout “Mic’d up” from Youtube game

Some really cool behind the scenes access

Los Angeles Angels v Houston Astros Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Mike Trout is not only the best player in baseball, he’ll do whatever he can to help make the game more exciting for fans across the globe. The latest edition of MLB Originals “Play Loud” features Trout’s audio from the YouTube Game of the Week last week against the Astros.

Seeing what is said behind-the-scenes of a baseball game is already cool, but having it come from Trout is even cooler. Watch what it’s like playing in a Major-League baseball game, along with listening to Trout talk about Call of Duty and Colorado weather as he makes his way around the bases.

Missed games with Twins re-scheduled

The Angels and Twins had two games postponed due to COVID issues with Minnesota over a week ago. On Tuesday, Major League Baseball announced that the two teams will be making up those two missed games as a traditional doubleheader on Thursday, May 20.

That day was a scheduled off day for both teams, and instead they’ll now play two in Anaheim. The first game will begin at 1:07 p.m. PT.