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Angels’ ‘We Believe’ shirt featuring both Mike Trout & Shohei Ohtani is here

Get your Trout & Ohtani shirt today!

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The Angels are 12-11 at the moment, but have two of the most exciting and watchable players in baseball thriving. Mike Trout is hitting .420 in 69 at-bats through Thursday, which is nice enough, but Shohei Ohtani has also amazed both at the plate and on the mound so far in 2021.

And thanks to our friends at BreakingT, you can get a shirt featuring both Trout and Ohtani!

From BreakingT

Trout also has a .524 on-base percentage and .783 slugging percentage to go with other gaudy numbers. Ohtani has a team-leading seven home runs plus a 3.29 ERA and 23 strikeouts in his 13 innings as a pitcher, while playing in all 23 Angels games to date.

Both are exciting, and both are among the early favorites for American League MVP, depending on the oddsmaker.

If both continue to produce, the Angels could be true contenders, a status sorely missed for a team that hasn’t had a winning record since 2015. You can support the effort with this tee-shirt of two of the team’s biggest stars!