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Angels 2018 season preview

2018 Angels season preview: bullpen

2018 Angels Preview: The Lineup

Mike Trout has some friends this year!

2018 AL West division preview: OK to mess with Texas

The boys from Baseball Town, USA are poised to battle the A’s in an AL West showdown for fourth place.

2018 AL West division preview: The Athletics are trying to be relevant again

The Bay Area’s favorite team to forget is trying to build around their young core

2018 Los Angeles Angels Season Preview: The Bench

Who is set to ride the pine in Anaheim?

2018 Angels season preview: 10 bold predictions for the Angels

Because if you’re right, you’re a genius. If you’re wrong, it was just a bold prediction.

2018 Angels Season Preview: The Starting Rotation

A closer look at the collection of arms that will make up the six man rotation.

2018 AL West division preview: The Astros come swaggering into town

Fresh off a World Series win, who knows how these lovable former-underdogs will react?

2018 AL West division preview: The Mariners lick their wounds

Jerry Dipoto and co. return from the Northwest like waves that barely lap at your bare feet.

2018 Angels Season Preview: How It Could All Go Wrong

2018 Angels season preview: Make your official over/under predictions!

Time to put your predictions on record where they can be seen at the end of the season.

2018 Angels season preview: Why the Angels are better than the Yankees (or how it could all go right this year)

How I learned to stop worrying and have faith in the Angels

2018 Angels season preview: Eppleribus unum