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Blogging Beaver

Blogging Beaver. Halos Heaven's semi-regular comics.

Superman on Earth

Superman on Earth. Halos Heaven's semi-regular comics.

Billionaire Badass

We All Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

We All Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Halos Heaven comics.

The Trade

Halos Heaven Comics: The Trade

Panic on the Streets of FaceBook?

Whatever It Takes

Cold Hot Stove Leads to Cartoons with Cussing

Arte's Heroes


Metaphor for 2010

The Mickey Hatcher Horror Show

A Day at the Park: Circus Catch

Shadow of a Doubt

A Day at the Park: Pickle

The Trouble With Jeffrey

A Day at the Park: The Touble With Jeffrey, Halos Heaven Comics

Brandon's Brain

Halo Heaven's comics.

12 Angry Morons

Halos Heaven Comics

The Sosh With The Most

Halo Heavens comics

The Team on the Edge of Forever

Halos Heaven comics

They Live!

Halos Heaven Comics

The Los Angahleez Squares

Halos Heaven comics

Music To Our Ears

Something Strange

Some Of My Baseball Cards

Unique baseball cards from a strange collection.

4/06/10: Twins vs. Angels

The Robbfather

A Day At The Park. Halos Heaven's semi-regular comics.

The Cure

The WiHalo Tyler Moore Show

Halos Heaven's comics.

History of Fantasy Baseball

Halo Heaven's comic.

What's My Line?

Next issue of the Halo Heavens comics.

Angels Photo Day

Halos Heaven comic strip.