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Angels Rumors And Notes

Angels consider offering 10 year extension to Trout, per Rosenthal

The star CF only has two years left on his current deal.

The Long Beach Angels of Los Angeles??

Winter Meetings Day 3: Angels Style

Oppa Angels style!

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Win now or fire sale?

Billy Eppler should pursue Francisco Cervelli

The Angels need offense and a catcher

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If I were Billy Eppler..., Disney90 edition

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If I were Billy Eppler..., iLoveLamp edition

If I were Billy Eppler..., Part VII

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Oh wait, we need offense? Alright then, offense.

If I were Billy Eppler..., Part VI

Nothing resembling a Bryce Harper signing, but hear me out

If I were Billy Eppler..., Part IV

Raising the floor so our stars can shine

If I were Billy Eppler..., Part III

H.T. Ennis’s take on the offseason fun!

If I were Billy Eppler..., Part II

Go big or trade Mike Trout?

If I were Billy Eppler...Part I

Japan heat: Yusei Kikuchi & Shohei Ohtani again?

Kikuchi is en route to MLB this winter. He pitched at the same high school as Ohtani. Let's connect some dots.

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Another Angel guide to the offseason

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What can we pull off with just 30 million bucks?

“Poppycock”: bemused Mike Scioscia dismisses reports that he will be stepping down

Sosh reaches back in the vault to pull out that word, dating himself.

Luis Valbuena designated for assignment, flips bat accordingly

Angels fans rejoice in unison.

Mike Scioscia done after season, per Rosenthal

Ken Rosenthal reports on some shocking news.

Mike Trout is trotting into Williams-Bonds territory

Trout is taking ball 4 at a historic pace, and it might even be better than we realize.

A highly abridged history of “The Great Debate”

Never before has baseball so adamantly sought to dethrone their best player. And never before has it been so pointless.

It’s been one series, but the Angels have been noticeably contact-crazy

"But Rick," the reader implores to the faceless author inside his monitor. "There are still 158 games left in the season..!"

Garrett Richards needs an extension yesterday

Good things come to those who wait, except for when they don’t.

A modest proposal

For preventing the continued decay of arms in the Angels’ rotation and ensuring a long, successful career in the MLB, in brief

MLB Hot Stove Thread - Ohtani and all MLB other news that’s fit to talk about

Ongoing thread on the latest developments

If I were Billy Eppler..., Part V

What we learned from this exercise: walking the tightrope between present and future is dangerous yet exhilarating.

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A way-too-early look at the candidates for the Angels' 2018 rotation

Who should bat behind Mike Trout?

Albert Pujols is not the ideal batter to follow Mike Trout, and we already have the ideal three-hole hitter.

Who should just go ahead and fizzle in the AL Wild Card race?

It is time to review who we just don’t want to see come October.

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The solution to our lineup? Probably not though

What Maldonado’s assassination of lefties might mean for the Angels

“Machete” is silently blasting left-handed pitchers, but what about the other 60-70% of plate appearances he has?

Billy Eppler may be doing something revolutionary

The team has abandoned the fastball and is relying on its high-upside secondary offerings, and it’s working.