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MLB Draft 2016

2015 MLB Draft: Consensus Rankings, Final Board

Halos Heaven's final estimate of the "best players available" at each slot in the first two rounds of the draft. Join the excitement on Monday beginning at 4pm Pacific on the MLB Network and

Angels MLB Draft Candidates: The Hitters

Yesterday we surveyed a consensus MLB draft board based on the many mock drafts published online this May. In today's article we'll dig a little deeper to look at some of the best position players that may be available when the Angels select at the end of the first round on June 8th.

2015 MLB Draft: Consensus Draft Rankings

The 2015 MLB First-Year Player Draft begins in less than two weeks, starting on Monday, June 8th, and continuing through Wednesday, June 10th. The Angels, as a result of having the best record in baseball last season, have an inauspicious draft position. They do not get to pick until the #26 slot in the draft, and don't pick again until #70 and #104. Who might be around when it comes time to choose?