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Angels Postgame

Gerrit Cole has a successful Angels audition as Halos clinch the Adell pick

Thank you, White Sox!

Suarez’s strong start unravelled by the Angels bullpen

Calhoun enters the record books

Angels immaculately lose to Astros in huge snoozefest

Hits? Not many

Matt Chapman delivers Oakland victory, hitting go-ahead home run in the 9th

The Angels fail at playing spoiler.

George Springer, Astros blow Angels out of the water

It wasn’t pretty. Houston clinched.

Angels stymie Astros, delaying Houston from clinching division for a while longer

The top four guys in the Halo lineup had multi-hit games.

Angels Narrowly defeated by Juggernaut Houston

Angels score 1 run, Yankees score 9

Calhoun tries to save they day

Luke Bard unironically pitches the Angels to victory

Angels play the spoiler against the big bad Yankees

The Angels do not add any probability of winning in an 8-0 nail-biter

Evergreen title.

Mike Trout out rest of the season, Albert Pujols leads Angels to victory

Angels game #149 Recap - Fish Tank

Another game, another loss

The Angels lose and I don’t want to talk about it

I said, I don’t want to talk about it!

An introspection on the Angels, or what was originally intended to be a postgame for Wednesday night

Ushering in a new era of Angels baseball

The announced attendance was 35,753.

Angels fail to muster any meaningful semblance of offense and lose


Shohei Ohtani does it all in game that should not have been as close as it was

A single player driving in 5 runs should be enough.

Mike Trout leaves game early with a toe issue but the Angels win anyway


Angels blow 5 run lead, but still have Mike Trout!!

They are nice guys to help out the A’s in the wildcard race

Angels take another try at baseball, don’t manage to baseball properly

Just another loss to the Oakland A’s.

Angels almost win 5-7

The game ended with the A’s up, but it nearly didn’t!

Angels drop finale and series to the Red Sox

Pujols climbs the hit charts

Entire team has enough and wins last game of August

Angels score 7 in the 8th to make the close game a joke.

This postgame is left as an exercise to the reader

Throwback to high school!

Ariel Jurado and Rangers mow down Angels bats, spoiling Keynan Middleton’s return

The Rangers reclaim third place in the AL West.

Angels fight the Houston dragon valiantly, but courage alone can’t save them

Astros 11 Angels 2

Luis Rengifo homers, Trevor Cahill marches towards incentive bonus while Angels fall to Astros

It is a noble pursuit, to be sure.

The sun sets on the Angels at Globe Life Park in more ways than one

Angels got to Minor but blew it because, duh

Andrew Heaney wins half of double-header in grandiose fashion and the other game happened too

20 innings of baseball amounted to nothing gained and nothing lost

Nothing. Like. trAdition.

If there ever was game that symbolized the 2019 Angels...

Canning, Angels bats resist orders to Cease and desist, winning series against White Sox

It’s 3 of 4 against the AL team from Chicago.

Justin Upton finally comes through

Angels overtake White Sox in 6-5 comeback victory