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Former Angel and World Series champion Adam Kennedy calls the Angels “weak”

BODYARMOR Mike Trout autographed MVP bat giveaway!

Albert Pujols is excited for Mike Trout to see “real” baseball fans


Los Angeles Times takes unironic and extremely belated shot at Angels to back up swept boys in blue

Arash Markazi has the on point, timely, and totally self-aware scoop!

The Angels are wearing an Ippei shirt and you can too!

Mike Trout and Andrew Luck star in a hilarious new spot for BODYARMOR

Groovy baby, yeah!

Featured Fanshot

MLB The Show thinks Bryce Harper would help bring a trophy to Anaheim

Bryce Harper is this year's cover dude on MLB The Show. The game ran some simulations on what would happen if Bryce Harper were on each team. Perhaps every is Harper's reaction on Twitter. He's paying attention! Go get him Billy!!!!

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Shohei Ohtani holding a sick baby that shares his name is exactly what this off-season needs

Ohtani is a stand up dude. He's full of respect for the game, life, other people. If the image of him holding Shohei Kawasaki and poking his little baby cheeks while saying "I always hope that you will keep fighting" doesn't just warm your heart right up, then this winter has indeed been hard on you. Keep fighting little Shohei Kawasaki. You have a strong name on your side!

Taylor Ward vs. Trevor Bauer?

Bauer threw down the gauntlet and Taylor Ward wants in

Angels #1 prospect Jo Adell hits it out of the park with his 2nd annual Turkey Drive

It is always heartwarming to see successful people giving back

Stan Lee Character or Angels Prospect?

This baseball version of “A Bad Lip Reading” will make you forget it’s the off season - if even for a few minutes...

The Book of Scioscia is over: The Angel legend walks out his way

The skipper knew what he would say, but not how he’d feel

No Angels manager has ever won more than Scioscia. One more W will do

If he’s out of Anaheim, and he almost certainly is … Light that baby up!

This 9 year old girl has better pitching form than you

(unless you are a pro player reading this post)

Guess what Mike Trout did on his day off?

Cam Bedrosian, a Falcons fan, tagged along

This Angels “routine” might be the best thing you see all week

Or not. You be the judge.

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When Jo Adell says he's ready, you best believe he's ready

Jo Adell, one of the best Angels prospects, as well as one of the best prospects in all of baseball, tweeted out this photo along with "Proof that I'm ready". When a guy is caving in baseballs like this, you'd have to be crazy to argue with him. Holy $%#* did he put a hurtin' on that poor, poor baseball.

Angels photo day 2018: Here are all of my faves, plus a ton of Shohei Ohtani pics, because why not?

I love photo day, especially when there are some funny/cool/goofy photos of our beloved Halos. Yesterday’s shoot didn’t disappoint. Also: BONUS Ohtani pics!

Shohei Ohtani shows us that Tempe Diablo Stadium can’t contain his sweet, smooth swing

Do you like batting practice footage that shows Shohei Ohtani launching ridiculously long home run blasts? Well, you’re in luck! (Also, a bonus clip of Ohtani behind the scenes during his photo day shoot, for all you Ohtani fanatics out there!)

Win a free trip to Spring Training to meet Alex Curry and Mike Trout

Drink body armor? Work out? You can start now!

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Let's all stop what we're doing right now & watch Shohei Ohtani take BP for the Angels

Here is some video footage of recent Angels acquistion and worldwide superstar, Shoehei Ohtani, taking some batting practice swings in Tempe, AZ. Let me say that again: Here is Shoehei Ohtani, wearing Angels warm-up gear, showing off that sweet swing of his, at the Halos' spring training home of Tempe, AZ. SHOHEI OHTANI IS REALLY ON THE ANGELS AND HE'S HITTING BASEBALLS!!!! Enjoy your Friday, folks. (h/t to twitter user @shoco_laa17fs11 for having an amazing feed full of Ohtani-in-Tempe clips. Seriously, you gotta check it out)

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Mike Trout puts on dog mask at Eagles game to troll Tyler Skaggs

Look at Mike Trout, getting all savage on Tyler Skaggs after Trout's Eagles scored a TD against Skaggs' Vikings. Skaggs, and Trout's wife, also looked pretty embarrassed at Mike's goofballery here, but whatevs. He reveled in their embarrassment, just like any good sports fan does when their team scores in a huge game. Mike Trout: Hey, he's just like us!

One tweet from Mike Trout’s wife single-handedly saved the lives of multiple MLB writers

When the MLB is going through an insanely slow winter, and there is nary breaking news nor juicy rumor to write about, Jessica Tara Cox stepped up to the plate to deliver the home run tweet that writers & bloggers alike had dreamed about for months.

Mike Trout fulfills lifelong dream of inviting Philadelphia Eagles over to his house to play football

OK, so by "house" I mean Angel Stadium and by "play football" I mean practice for an upcoming game against the Rams.

Angels hold Strike out Slavery Night at the Big A

Strike Out Slavery was created by Albert and Deidre Pujols with the goal of raising awareness and to help raise funds in the fight against modern-day slavery

Mike Trout invited Mark Gubicza to the Eagles game, and I’m not jealous or anything, haha

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Keynan Middleton's dunk mixtape reminds us who the REAL baller is on the Angels

With all the Halos dressing up as NBA players today for their flight to Seattle, Keynan Middleton could no longer suffer any fools saying Trout, or anybody, is a better basketball player than him. He eventually crushed the argument by tweeting out his sick dunk mixtape from last winter. Well played.

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The Angels dressed up as NBA players for their flight to Seattle

This is a pretty dope basketball team, to be honest.

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It's Mike Trout's birthday, let the messy Angels bday ritual begin!

Happy birthday to the best player in the game. Now go take a shower and have a good game tonight.

Matt Shoemaker makes shoes matter as he gives away brand new kicks to 55 foster kids

“Shoes that fit and Shoemaker; meant to be, right?”

Victor & Gubi let their inner fan loose, & more reactions to Albert Pujols’ 600th home run

The league reacts to The Machine’s milestone, but the Victor and Gubi going crazy in the booth takes the cake.