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Weekly reviews

Week 10: Coming up short

The Angels split six games in their final week of the season, but ended with a losing record for the fifth year in a row.

Week 9: Too little, too late

The Angels split their six games last week but clinched a fifth straight losing season in an incredibly disappointing year.

Angels Week 8: Homers, milestones & breaking even

Albert Pujols climbed a pair of all-time leaderboards last week, and helped the Angels to a 3-3 week.

Angels Week 7: Going streaking

The Angels won five straight games in their first winning week of the season.

Angels Week 6: Breaking even

Despite a hurricane shifting their schedule and trades altering their roster, the Angels had their best week of the 2020 season.

Week 5: Sinking to the bottom

The Angels lost five of seven games to the Giants and A’s, and now are tied for the worst record in the American League.

Angels Week 4: ‘You don’t win if you don’t pitch’

A review of the 2-4 week for the Angels against the A’s and Dodgers.

Angels Week 3: Jo Adell arrives, Halos’ bats do not

It was a rough offensive week for Jo Adell in his first week in the majors, but several Angels around him, like Anthony Rendon and Shohei Ohtani, weren’t hitting either, leading to four losses in six games.

Angels Week 2: Pitching deficient

The Angels lost five of seven games last week thanks to a familiar pattern of short starting pitching followed by an overworked and ineffective bullpen.

Angels Week 1: An eventful opening weekend

The Angels dropped two of three games in Oakland in their first (abbreviated) weekend of the 2020 MLB season.