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Mike Trout PingPong: Hot Air or Hula Dula?

All Smiles No Paddles
All Smiles No Paddles

Hardcore Angels fans all know that Torii Hunter is the undisputed Clubhouse Dominoes champ, with the title Hula Dula Domino Rulah. Torii talks the talk but walks the walk, defeating all comers in the international baseball locker room favorite pastime. Are any other Angels out there so great at a game besides baseball that they brag about it like Dula himself? Well it just so happens that earlier tonight on twitter, in between tweets about hunting and rooting for Michael Vick and the Eagles, Angels über-Prospect Mike Trout boasted about his prowess at another game: Ping Pong

Mike Trout: I don't think anyone could give me a good run in beating me in ping pong

Recent rule-5 draftee Gabe Jacobo took issue:

Gabe Jacobo: cmon kid. Let's get real

In very UN-HulaDula style, Trout backed down immediately from Jacobo:

TROUT: Ok besides Jacobo!

Emboldened by the unsteady boasts, Angels 1B Mark Trumbo pipes in, reminding the rookie of the pingpong skill of Peter Bourjos:

Mark Trumbo: Think we saw you lose quite a few times to P Bo.

TROUT: Haha yeah and Pete hes nice lol you are pretty good ! Haha

Is there a pattern to Trout's bold boasts followed by pleasant backpedallings? His Arizona Fall league teammate on the Scottsdale Scorpions, Boston Red Sox prospect Will Middlebrooks, appears to allude to Trout's October triumphs off the field in making a miracle (aka "non-skill/pure luck") shots in a Madden Football video game.

Will Middlebrooks: Just like madden huh? Secret shot?

To which Trout can only reply:

TROUT: haha yeah

To sum up the psychology of Mike Trout as evidenced by this exchanged: He'd rather be lucky than good, and is both until beaten and then just laughs it off anyway.