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Angels development plan calls for shops, restaurants, homes & offices surrounding stadium

Plans for the 153-acre site submitted to city of Anaheim on Tuesday.

Rendering from City of Anaheim

Among Arte Moreno’s plans for the Angel Stadium site include hotels, homes, parks, retail space surrounding the ballpark, as part of the master plan submitted to the city of Anaheim on Tuesday.

From Alicia Robinson at the Orange County Register:

Garvey noted it is conceptual and some details could change as the plan is finalized.

“The Stadium Development Plan will realize the vision of the Platinum Triangle decades before the current lease allows,” Moreno said in a statement. “This plan is an important step in creating a driving economic force, while investing in Anaheim’s future.”

The city agreed in December to sell the 153-acre site to SRB Management, a group led by Moreno for $325 million, subject to adjustments to reflect “fair market value impact of community benefits sought by city” with these improvements.

Among the improvements detailed by Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times:

For fans, the plan promises gathering places for eating, drinking, shopping and relaxing before and after games, in part a bid to ease traffic that largely would be directed to two new parking structures. The plan also proposes a mix of luxury and affordable housing — a combined 5,175 residences in all — that includes such neighborhood needs as a grocery store, dry cleaners, and playgrounds.

The plan also envisions 2.7 million square feet of office space and 1.1 million square feet of shops, restaurants and entertainment.

This master plan is now subject to city approval, with another $25 million deposit due in October. The sale could be finalized as early as 2023.

“For too long, the fate of baseball in Anaheim was unclear,” Anaheim mayor Harry Sidhu said Tuesday. “Now there is a clear path forward with this proposal for neighborhoods, parks, open spaces, shopping, dining and entertainment, all built around baseball.”