Finley on DL is great thing!

Though I entertained serious doubts before the season about picking up a 40-year-old centerfielder, I am not among those who want to write this off as a bad deal--yet. That in mind, I really think the Finley news of the last few days is a real positive thing for the team at this time.

For one, the revelation that he has been injured all season gives us hope that he might have something left to offer when he is finally healthy. I am not totally convinced that his "this is not an excuse" excuse is really the cause of his woes at the plate, but we'll see how he does when he comes back without a sore shoulder. (I sure wonder why he waited half the season to mention that there was a problem.)

Second, it gives all of those who have been calling for his benching a chance to see if things are better without him. Maybe Figgins in center will provide a chance for someone like DaVanon or Rivera to get going. This is really pie-in-the-sky thinking, but you never know! Also, without Figgins or Quinlan to play third (and with Izturis playing short for now) maybe we get Dallas a chance to progress sooner into the star player he will be one day--no more sitting out every few days because there is a lefty pitching.

All in all, I have never been happier that someone is injured on my team.

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