Say NO to Derek Jeter Tribute in Anaheim (SECOND UPDATE)

In case you haven't heard, officials in the Angels front office are planning a ceremony to honor Derek Jeter shortly before he takes the field against the Angels in Anaheim for the umpteenth time. I, like many of you, find this unacceptable. I think it's time we fans make our voices heard and remind the front office which team they work for and which players tens of thousands of us go to the Big A to support on any given day.

Below the jump is the text of an e-mail I sent this morning which I plan to also send via snail mail...

I'm also posting the contact info for the front office so you can do the same. If you've got an e-mail, facebook, twitter, blog, cell phone, pager, carrier pigeon or any other form of communication, then use it to spread the word to your fellow Angels fans.

It's "Break Out The Red Week," so let's show them what that means. E-mail and letter I sent to the FO. Use as guidance for your own message or whatever you want to do.

The press has recently revealed that the Angels are planning an on-field celebration of Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter before the game between the two teams on September 9th. As a life-long Angels fan, I believe this celebration is an error in judgment on the part of team officials, and I must protest.

Holding this ceremony would be a slap in the face to both the Angels organization and its fans. It is even more insulting that it is going to take place during a season that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Angels and the history they have built up over those years.

Derek Jeter has played no supporting role in building the Angels franchise. His only involvement has been as an opponent. His long career and recent ascendance into the 3,000 hit club have been impressive, but those accolades are his alone and they were earned entirely in a Yankee uniform. As such, the celebrations should be left to Jeter, the Yankees and the Hall of Fame a few years from now.

Jeter's career, while impressive, has not broken any MLB or Angels team records. He is nowhere near Pete Rose's hit record. He did not break the color barrier or surpass Hank Aaron's home run total. He is not the leader in any Angels statistical category like Tim Salmon, Garret Anderson and others are.

In light of all of this, it is difficult to see why the Angels are celebrating the active career of a life-long Yankee. Did the Yankees or any other team honor K-Rod when he broke the single season saves record? Was Vladimir Guerrero ever recognized on the road for his 400th HR? Will the Angels or another team do anything for Jim Thome when he reaches 600 HRs before this season is out? The answer to all of these questions is no.

Jeter has reached a personal milestone and he and the Yankees are right to celebrate them. However, the fact remains that they have nothing to do with the Angels. Holding a celebration for an active opponent moments before they are about to face him is disrespectful to current and former members of the Angels, as well as the fans that will be in attendance or watching on TV. This is our 50th anniversary year and we should stick to celebrating the players that have made their mark in Anaheim. Derek Jeter and the Yankees have nothing to do with this.

I respectfully request that the planned celebration on September 9th be reconsidered.

You can e-mail the Angels here.

Team mailing address and phone number:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

2000 Gene Autry Way

Anaheim, CA 92806

888-796-HALO (4256)

To be clear, I have no real problem with Jeter as a person and I respect what he has done in his career. He has put up Hall of Fame numbers without using steroids or bringing any bad press to the game. The fact is that everything he's done was done as a Yankee and his 3,000th hit came in Yankee Stadium. Celebrations like this belong in Yankee Stadium, the Bronx and Cooperstown, not Angel Stadium of Anaheim. No other team is doing this and neither should the Angels.

UPDATE: Perhaps it was never real and Bill Dwyer got his stories crossed.

We appreciate your comments but more importantly your support and dedication to the Angels. There is no, nor has there ever been, a ceremony planned honoring Derek Jeter when the Yankees come to Anaheim. Thank you again for your continued support.

Ryan Cavinder
Media Relations Representative
Angels Baseball
(714) 940-2014
(714) 940-2205 – Fax

SECOND UPDATE: Per Quad Fin Rider's post down below, Tim Mead has personally confirmed there will be no ceremony of any kind for Derek Jeter at the Big A. Shout out to Tim Mead for putting this rumor to bed and to everyone here on HH who e-mailed, wrote or called to voice your concerns. That's teamwork!

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