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Bert Blyleven - Top 100 Angels #93

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This is the FOURTH Halos Heaven offseason Top Angels list we have compiled. We did a Top 100 Angels list after the 2005 season (LINK) and another one after the 2008 season (LINK) and we published a book after 2010, the fiftieth season of Angels baseball (LINK) of the Top 50 Angels of the first 50 seasons. With analytics being radically more sophisticated, look for this offseason's list to measure advanced metrics and traditional stats balanced with where a player rests in the hearts of every Halo Fan.

Harry How


Bert ranked #85 on our post-2008 Top 100 Angels list (LINK)

Bert ranked #79 on our post-2005 Top 100 Angels list (LINK)

Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven was under contract with the Angels for four seasons. He was traded to the Halos from the Twins after the 1988 season. His 1990 season was lousy, he missed the whole 1991 season with an injury and his 1993 - the final year of his great career - was forgettable.

So how did he make the list?

Well his 1989 season was one of the greatest campaigns by an Angels pitcher ever. His 6.0 Wins Above Replacement ranks seventeenth best by an Angels pitcher in a single season, a list dominated by multiple appearances by Tanana, Ryan, Finley and Langston. Oh sure we will get to them on this countdown but Bert put his mark on the record books that year indeed - since he accrued that 2.73 ERA that year only four Angels pitching seasons have yielded a better ERA, twice by Chuck Finley and twice by Jered Weaver.

His 1.643 BB/9 (Walks per Nine Innings Pitched) remains in the top 5 all time single season records (and even though his 1990 and 1992 seasons were mediocre, his BB/9 rates in those years rank 6th and 16th respectively all time Angels single season). IN 1993 Langston and Finley each tossed over 250 Innings - the only two Halo arms to top 240 IP in a season since Bert did in 1989.

He had 8 complete games that year and five of them were shutouts. He finished his Angels career with 508 IP and his 2.75 Strikeouts to Walks ratio ranks fourth all time in club history for pitchers who threw more than 500 innings under the halo.

While Bert rightfully wears a Twins cap on his Cooperstown plaque, his service with the California Angels is noted there and the numbers are all a little nicer because of his tenure on our favorite team.