How to fix the LF/Clean-up problem?

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Hi, all. I've been a lurker at HH for a while but finally mustered up the gusto to post a topic. (Hopefully I'm not breaking any unknown site rules)

So, it's no secret that the production (or lack there of) out of LF/DH has been a glaring problem for the Halos offense thus far. Despite feeble attempts to patch the hole (Cron/Krauss/Kirk/Joyce) it still exists and has forced a line-up shift which in turn has created imbalance in a few key spots. I'm of the opinion that Kole/Trout/Pujols is our optimal 1-2-3 but that's obviously an issue due to the black hole that has been our clean-up slot. So, how can it be fixed? Perhaps more accurately, can it be fixed via trade and what would it take (prospect wise) to acquire the much needed help? I wanted to run through a few candidates and hopefully get some insight as to how steep the price may be and if it would be worthwhile to swing a deal. Turk's Teeth seems to be the farm system guru but anyone else is welcome to add in.

1) Jay Bruce:

My personal top candidate. He's relatively young (28), affordable, hits from the left side, can bat clean-up, and has rated as an exceptional fielder in RF. He started off this season on a bit of rough note but has been very good over the last month and (apart from an injury plagued 2014) has an average OPS+ of about 120 since 2010. Even with the slow start this year he stands with an OPS+ of 110, which would trail on Trout and Pujols on the current roster. I have no doubt he (or Kole) could adapt to LF if necessary and the luxury of the DH could help keep him healthy/fresh.

2) Carlos Gonzalez:

I'm not a big fan of this option but it's been rumored that he's available and he seems to be a fit at first glance. When healthy he's a premium offensive player (career OPS+ of 119 and a peak of 144 in 2013)... The problem is he's rarely healthy. He hasn't played over 120 games since 2012 and couldn't eclipse 70 a year ago. In addition he has bad numbers away from Coors Field, is a mediocre defender, and is still owed a pretty big chunk of change (excluding the rest of this yr $37m through 2017). He seems like a high risk gamble that I'm not sure is worth the presumed cost.

3) Andre Ethier:

Another pricy option but his hot start has made him a viable trade option after a down 2014. He's older (age 33 season) and is owed $38m through 2017 (his age 36 season) but he's also got a career OPS+ of 122, a consistent track record, and is a serviceable defender with experience at all three OF positions. I'm not sure how eager the Dodgers would be to deal him with their OF depth being constantly tested but once we near the deadline the picture may become more clear.

4) Other:

Ben Revere, Domonic Brown, Ryan Howard, Carlos Gomez, ect. Please post who you'd prefer in the comments

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