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Andrelton Simmons serves up Saturday Night salami sandwich, Angels edge Blue Jays 5-4

Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Angels 5 Blue Jays 4

Well, how was that for some Saturday night superhero entertainment? The Angels had tons to tip their hats to in tonight’s tussle, and they walked away the guardians of the Big A, which will do well to wash away any of those Garrett Richards-60-day-DL vibes. Mostly, at least.

Tyler Skaggs was just another non-Alex Meyer Angels starter who had a great night on the mound, as he pitched 7.0 innings, giving up seven hits but just two runs. He was a groundball machine, and the defense was hoovering them up into GIDPs like a gosh darn GIDP machine (he forced three of them, if you want to be specific about it).

On the offensive side, C.J. Cron had a nice RBI early in the game, but it was Andrelton Simmons’ grand salami that stole the show this evening. He jacked a Casey Lawrence pitch to left-center in the third, with the bases juiced, and giving the Halos a 5-1 lead.

The Jays would get back into the game on some shoddy pitching after that, getting within one run even, with a ninth inning homer. Bud Norris would eventually get the outs needed, and the Angels had themselves a W. Two nights in a row, with some runs scored, and some decent (enough) pitching, and they have two one-run ballgames. This one just swung their way, thankfully.

It had a grand slam from Simba. It had a gnarly, laid-out catch from Kole Calhoun in the outfield. There was some great infield D. There were hits and positives galore, and they won. Sometimes, being a superhero comes easy, and doesn’t take a boat load of innings, ending in failure. Sometimes, Saturday night is actually alright for fighting.