Offseason moves by our AL West competition to undermine the Angels

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We have discussed to ad nauseum in previous posts the huge cash advantage for Halos in this offseason.It will only help to point to steps teams like Astros and Rangers can undertake to negate our chances in 2018.Shall we mention that for every action there is a reaction ?


This team is on the rise since 2015 and has 2 more years ahead. Then there is Sports Illustrated prediction,they will win the WS this year. Actually they are in line to beat BoSox in the ALDS,but might fall short of winning a ring,since Indians can have a say in this matter. Which will make Houston even hungrier in 2018.

Houston has 36M coming off the books this offseason,mainly in the persons of Carlos Beltran(DH),Francisco Liriano(RP),the old closer Luke Gregerson(RP). It is no brainer,their FO will add a new closer to go along with their already formidable rotation.I do believe they will try to sign the second best after Andrew Miller,and that is Wade Davis.

The last I looked,Wade's AAV is close to 15M for 2018 and Houston can afford him,unless they win the WS,which will attract the Red Sox,NYY attention,since they have no closer of this caliber. We have to expect,based on Cleveland's past history,that in case they win the Series,a lot of their team will be up for sale too, and Andrew Miller can be traded to get the farm stocked.

On top of Wade Davis/Andrew Miller/ Astros need 1 more starting pitcher of quality.We have to presume they will be in pursuit of Lance Lynn.According to his 2018 AAV is close to 16-17M.Houston already has complete team with a rich farm, and these 2 pieces will put them over the top next year and render the Angels irrelevant..AGAIN.


Their team has 24.5M in FA contracts coming due this November,plus their ownership is willing to expand payroll in 2018.This year Texas has surpassed for a first time the Angels in payroll.Rangers have a great farm too.They will need to trade Beltre,who is constantly playing hurt of late and has 2018 as his final year,so they might attempt to raise extra cash by trade,as they always do.

I won't be surprised,if the Rangers go after Mike Moustakas,whose 2018 AAV is at 17M. Texas is in bad need of pitching - rotation and especially relievers.They also are raising questions of late,as to how and when to pull the trigger on declining Cole Hamels. GM Jon Daniels has a way of dealing with underperforming players in general.Just ask Yu Darvish.

I heard speculations about Rangers following in the Astros footsteps(F Liriano) and adding FA CC Sabathia as a closer or long reliever,since he might have problem getting a job as a SP with his injuries.My guess is,Texas going after the services of Lance Lynn as well.Last,but not least,Rangers will shed Carlos Gomez(CF) to FA and possibly look to fill his spot on the 'cheap'...Lorenzo Cain,anyone?

With so much cash this offseason,will Mr.Arte Moreno open the checkbook ?

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