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Former Angels GM Tony Reagins promoted to Chief Baseball Development Officer

Anyone craving some Del Taco?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs New York Yankees

On Thursday, Major League Baseball announced the promotion of Tony Reagins to Chief Baseball Development Officer. In addition to his promotion, Reagins will continue to oversee the growth of youth and amateur levels of baseball and softball, both domestically and internationally, as well as the streamlining of amateur scouting around the world and operations of the Arizona Fall League.

Back in March of 2016, he began as Senior Vice President of the first-ever Youth Programs department in the Commissioner’s Office.

Here’s what MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement:

“Our entire sport has benefited from the dedication and accomplishments by Tony and his team. We are grateful to have Tony’s strong leadership in this important area as we look to bring baseball and softball to children and communities throughout the world. Tony’s department, which is comprised of a diverse mix of professionals based on experience and personal backgrounds, will continue to play a crucial role for our industry with their invaluable work in the youth and amateur levels of our sports.”

You can read more about the move with a lot more information here.

Years back, Reagins worked with the Los Angeles Angels in different roles. He started his career with a marketing/advertising sales and baseball operations internship with the Angels before he transitioned into a full-time to the baseball side. He served as the team’s Director of Player Development and then became the fifth African-American General Manager in baseball history.

He’s known best for what he did at a Del Taco, many years ago. From a Halos Heaven article from back in 2015... unreal.

Then, on Tuesday the 22nd of November, a call was made from Tony Reagins to Hunter’s agent, and a surprise and clandestine meeting was a Del Taco in Corona, CA. Yes, it was at that famed Del Taco that Reagins and Hunter tentatively agreed on a 5-year deal to the tune of about $90 million. It was match made in Halos Heaven, and we not only had a new favorite center fielder, but we also had an AWESOME new GM in Reagins. With his stealthy Mexican fast food move, he gained the loving nickname of Del Ninja. We even made shirts to celebrate the man that brought us Torii Hunter. It would be the last time we celebrate anything pertaining to Tony Reagins for years to come...but we had Torii!

Now I’m really craving some Del Taco.