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MLB Draft 2016

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Thoughts on Angels draft picks 2014-2016

Marsh finally agrees to deal with Angels

After many twists, turns and changes of heart, the Georgia outfielder signs with the Angels just a week before the deadline.

2016 MLB Draft: Marsh, Angels still negotiating

The Angels are exhausting many efforts to add the Georgia high school star...

Brandon Marsh opts not to sign with Angels

A shocking turn of events happen in Los Angeles' efforts to sign the high school outfielder

Matt Thaiss, Nolan Williams & more sign with Halos

Angels sign 3rd round pick Nolan Williams

Check out this interview with his High School coach

2016 Angels Draft: First Impressions

The results of this weekend's amateur player draft are in. Retorts, reactions, redrafting – what do you got? Here's Turk's Take, take one.

Featured Fanshot

Angels drafted Torii Hunter Jr. and they let dad Torii Hunter announce it to the world

Dad got to tell the country that his boy got drafted by his old team. That's pretty neat. Sure, it was a 23rd round pick, not much to see there. It's still a great draft moment.

MLB Draft 2016: Angels round out the top 200 draftees with a SS and two high school pitchers

The Angels have picked 4 high schoolers in the first 6 rounds

MLB Draft 2016: Angels select prep-star SS Nolan "Nonie" Williams in the third round

Williams is an 18-year-old prep-star out of Kansas

MLB Draft 2016: Day 2 live thread

Angels' first round pick is catcher Matt Thaiss

MLB Draft 2016: Live Action Comment Thread

From pre-show through selection #77, we'll follow the MLB Draft here, pick by pick. Come join the fray!

MLB Draft 2016: Day One, Turk's Board

It's Thursday, Day One of the MLB draft, and irregular prospect hound Turk's Teeth is on the keys, and on the beat. Will the Angels new drafting squad join in with his tune this year?

MLB Draft 2016: What Do the Gurus Think the Angels Will Do?

This Thursday evening, beginning at 4pm Pacific time, the MLB draft begins with the first 77 selections, encompassing the first two (and all subsequent compensation) rounds. Where do the premiere draft analysts think the Angels are headed this year?

MLB Draft 2016: Get prepared for the Angels' draft

2016 MLB Draft: Consensus Rankings 2.0

We're one week out from MLB Draft weekend. Time to refresh and expand the prospect big board, and see who has helium, and who is falling down the ladder.

Angels 2015 draft retrospective: Taylor Ward?!?!?!

Angels minor league infield depth report

Roberto Baldoquin is not our top SS prospect

Angels 2014 draft retrospective: The path to Simba

Angels 2013 draft: Wanna whole lotta busts

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Time to Replenish: Prep-are yourself for the draft

Angels 2012 draft retrospective: Jerry did OK

Looking back on the Angels' 2011 draft wins/losses

Angels minor league outfield depth report

Plenty of 4th outfielders in the Angels Org, and just a few with every day potential

2016 MLB Draft: Consensus Rankings, First Draft Board

Halos Heaven draft coverage begins with a first look at the kids who might be available when the Angels select at #16 in the first round.

Do the Angels have any minor league pitchers that can help in 2016?

Angels minor league pitching depth report

Billy, we don't need another catcher

We are just over a month away from the 2016 amateur draft. How does the Angels system-wide catching depth look?

MLB Draft 2015: Angels complete draft recap

Draft season has come and gone. Here's a rundown of the Angels' full 2015 draft class.

2015 MLB Draft: Day One, Live Thread

Day One selections for the 2015 MLB First-Player Draft will be running from 4pm Pacific through early evening. Join us here to monitor the picks as they come, and discuss the Angels' selections at #26 and #70.

Featured Video: Mike Trout's Draft Day Journey

The MLB Network sent Halos Heaven an advance preview of a special MLB Draft Day feature on Mike Trout, his 2009 draft experience, and his journey to the Bigs.

2015 Angels Draft: Turk's Takes on Day One

Who will the Angels select on day one of the MLB draft? Your guess is as good as mine, but that won't stop me from shouldering into the game and playing draft board wizard (with a polo shirt, no doubt). Turk's Day One picks to follow.