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Making it interesting, making it easy

Final score deep in the heart of Texas... Angels 7, Rangers 6

If we win tomorrow and the Yankees lose, we have ALDS home field advantage.

At times tonight, the team played like it did not want such a luxury, although the precise combo of resting regulars and still squeaking by was impressive - we'll probably never know whether it was more Maddon than Scioscia, or perhaps the dumb luck of facing Buck Showalter.

Washburn threw 28 pitches in 2 innings, Garret looked spry in the outfield, Figgins took the lead league in stolen bases and Frankie got all Hollywood on us before leaving a man at Third Base and getting his 44th save.

The thing that was made easy was that Jason Christiansen and Esteban Yan both looked like so bad that there is no way they can be put on the postseason roster. Perhaps Joe Saunders will be auditioned as a Situational Lefty out of the bullpen tomorrow. Anything is possible... even baseball in Anaheim late Tuesday afternoon.