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Waking up on the next level

Colon is out for the ALCS. Let us hope he just needs some rest and will be singing Meet Me in St. Louis...

Paul Byrd threw 77 pitches on Friday. With three days rest, how long can he go?

Is it out of the question to start Maicer Izturis at 3rd Base and put Figgins in Center? Steve Finley is still slumping and the White Sox demand our best defenders. We gain defensively and give up nothing offensively with this match up.

Could we rest Bengie by DHing him? With Jose Molina behind the plate and Rivera in Centerfield, we maximize our offense against a hot pitching staff and ensure Bengie's freshness.

The two examples above require benching Steve Finley, but we lose nothing in the process.

If Kevin Gregg throws a pitch, I am happier with Jose catching, as Bengie just doesn't get to that sinkerball in a timely fashion.

I recall Garret Anderson winning an All-Star game homerun championship at Corporate-name Comiskey.