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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 169/162

Scioscia @ Guillen
Official Game Thread
Washburn vs. Buehrle

Facing a Lefthander, we arrive with our post-strep Lefty. I'm hoping our outfield defense is up to Wash's flyball tendencies. Our Steve Frosty-free lineup means we will be fielding a major league, championship-caliber team. Jarrod's tendentious elbow has had all the rest he could possibly need. How his throat affects his endurance will be evident by the 4th inning to be sure.

Our Lineup
Figgy - CF
Cabfare - SS
Vlad - RF
Bengie - DH
G.A. - LF
Quinlan - 3B
Erstad - 1B
Jose Yadier - C
A.K. - 2B

Runs-n-Hits Picks: LAA: 9/14, CWS: 4/9

Random i-Tunes lyrics:
Mute Witness by Morrissey...

Now see her pointing to the frisbee
with a memory too fuzzy
as her silent words
describe the fright of last night