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A few facts

Bengie hasn't done much offensively since Tom Gordon hit him with a pitch - but he threw two runners out in ALCS Game 1.

Jarrod Washburn has been hit hard by the Chi-Sox this season, but better he pitch in Corporate Comiskey than at Home - he's that bad at the Big A.

Get frickin Finley out of there! (yes we're playing the Summer's #1 requested song).

First all the talk was about the exhausted Angels not being ready for Game 1, now it is about Travel Exhaustion affecting people on the 2nd day. Has anyone run a tarot simulation for the game time feng shui?

If I had to pick a game for Vlad to break out in, facing the lefty on the road after DHing the night before would be my pick for Vladdy to click quick.

4 Rested Bullpen Pitchers: Escobar, Donnelly, Gregg, Yan.

Nice how Lou Pinnella shuts up Tim McCarver. Now if we could get, say, Gilbert Gotfried in the booth to balance out Joe Buck, we'd have a broadcast.

It was nice to see Don Baylor throw out the first pitch before ALDS Game 5 (he tossed it to Vlad, 1 MVP to another) - and the guy looked sharp in Angel red.

Troy Percival was hanging out in the Left Field Pavilion for ALDS Game 5. He looked like pretty much every other dude there except he wasn't wearing any Angels paraphernalia (although I didn't check for the Ring).

MLB has beige-sleeved post-season Lettermen Jackets for coaching staffs, but Scioscia is sticking to his '02 Nylon Model.

If Figgins does nothing for the rest of this postseason, his 9th inning fielding of a bunt to throw out a runner at 2nd is right up there with his diving Centerfield catch of a Sheffield blooper as game saving D.

If we see Josh Paul and Esteban Yan in the same game this series, are we ahead by 8 runs, behind by 7 or tied in the 14th?

Lackey and Santana are lined up to pitch on normal rest.

Ever since Robinson Cano's double sailed over his head, Garret has picked up his D - in fact, Vladdie oughtta take notes.