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Woke up, got out of bed, screamed...

Silver Lining:
Imagine the "Doug Eddings Game" going into the 14th or 15th inning before the liar behind the plate makes his Vegas bookie happy. Think of how undepleted our bullpen is because this game was stolen in the 9th and not four or five innings later.

If any manager in baseball can get his team focused on the task at hand, it is Mike Scioscia. If we cannot pull this series out, it will not be from sulking around over 6 umpires being hoodwinked by a fat South-Side Pollok. We're at home, we'll be rested and the crowd will be alive on Friday. Plus Lackey on the mound when we need him.

If it goes 7, we've got a much healthier Washburn for Game 6 and Big John for Game 7. Bartolo is out, but almost everyone is stepping up. If Figgy and Vlad even make a cameo in the series this weekend, we may not have to worry about another flight to Chicago.