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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 170/162

South Side @ Orange Curtain
Official Game thread ... ALCS Game #3 (or "Home Game 1" as your ticket reads)
Garland vs. Lackey

John Lackey has become our savior. He can lead us to the promised land. He is THE big game pitcher. In a way, this makes tonight's game a must-win for us, especially on top of all the hoopla involved in the Chisox method of victory in Game 2.

Back before the 2002 season, Darin Erstad was minutes away from being traded to the Pale Hose for John Garland, Chris Singleton and a prospect, when Disney Sports President Paul Pressler nixed the rebuilding effort and jacked up the budget for Stoneman to "win now". There is an ironic lump in my stomach thinking about all of that, even though memories of Garland getting semi-shelled by our hitters twice this season functions as a Tums.

My Runs-n-Hits Picks: LAA: 5/11, CHI: 2/6

random i-tunes lyrics:
I'm Not Sorry by Morrissey

The pressure's on,
because the pleasure hasn't gone.