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Who's here for what and how long

Everyone and their brother will be blogging opinions about what the Angels should do for 2006.

Here is a rough idea of who we have under contract and who we don't.

I will have a separate What Moves Should We Make thread later on, this is just to give you, the expert, the raw material with which to work

If you see any errors here, let me know, but this is pretty much a guide to what Bill Stoneman is working with:

Angels With Big Contracts
Anderson (12 million, 3 more years)
Cabrera (8 million, 3 more years)
Colon (13 million, 2 more years)
Erstad (8 million, final year)
Escobar (6 Million, final year)
Finley (7 million in 2006, $1 million 2007 buyout)
Guerrero (14 million, 3 more years)
Kennedy (3 million, final year)
Yan (1 million, final year)
That is $73 million and change committed already

Arbitration Eligible Angels
Josh Paul
J. Molina
Juan Rivera
If I am wrong about any of these, please let me know

Angels Under Club Control
League Minimum ($350K) - Half Million Dollar Range

Free Agents
Paul Byrd
Jason Christiansen
Lou Merloni
Bengie Molina
Curtis Pride
Tim Salmon
Jarrod Washburn

40-Man Roster Pitchers
Bootcheck, Scott Dunn, Matt Hensley, Greg Jones, Dustin Moseley, Joe Saunders, Steven Shell, Jake Woods

40-Man Roster Position Players
Alberto Callaspo, Jeff Mathis, Kendry Morales, Zach Sorensen

Prominent Non-roster Angel Minor Leaguers with any shot at 2006:
Howie Kendrick, Jered Weaver, Brandon Wood