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Minor League Retrospective

One of the great things about being an Angels fan in the first decade of the 21st century is how utterly opposite it feels from being an Angels fan in the last three decades of the 20th century.

Think about it...

1. The Dodgers are the franchise with a revolving door to the management suite.

2. The Angels make the headlines, the Dodgers make the editorials.

3. It is Angels' ownership that is establishing a winning tradition by committing to a long-term vision in the front office and on the field.

4. Come to think of it, Angels ownership is lauded throughout baseball, Dodgers' ownership reviled.

5. Winning our division, a postseason series against the Yankees and afflicting the eventual World Champions with their only postseason loss is considered a disappointing season.

6. Hot Stove arguments center on whether we should sign top free agents at sky-high prices or give our top rated minor leaguers the call-up, either scenario being plausible and an inevitable boost to the organization.

7. You see people in and around Southern California with Angels gear on so regularly these days that you don't feel compelled to run up and start talking to them.

8. Take a look at MLB's raving about three of our minor leaguers tearing up the Arizona Fall League.

Take a look at John Sickels' excellent Minor League Baseball site. He lists prospects from 1998-2000 which were busts at the major league level. In listing the top 50 candidates from each year, there are only two Angels amdist the 150 possible slots: Troy Glaus and Ramon Ortiz. Thinking back to those dark Disney days makes the future look so bright ahead.