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There is an article in today's L.A.Times written by Bill "halo-payroll" Shaikin that pretty much details everything you can read in the post below this, and actually twists the knife a lot deeper into the Dodgers than I did there.

The most lamentable paragraph of the piece:

As a minor league instructor with the Dodgers, Scioscia worked with Paul Konerko, who blossomed into the cleanup hitter for the World Series champion Chicago White Sox. As manager of the Angels, Scioscia will recruit him to Anaheim as a free agent.

Why not instead put:
"Konerko, who sucked donkey dick until he blossomed (albeit with his usual 100+ strikeouts per season) in a windy hitter's haven in the two seasons approaching his contract year."

If they are seriously thinking about signing Konerko and trading Kotchman, why not trade McPherson for Glaus and spend the Konerko money on AJ Burnett?

Signing Konerko, an aging 1B/DH, is like agreeing to constipation ahead of time. At least Glaus played a defensive position that we didn't already have a logjam at.