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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game l63/162

Joe @ Mike
Official ALDS Game 1 Thread
Mussina vs. Colon

Here is the basic truth about how the game will go down:
If the ump gives Bartolo the black of the plate, we win.
If he squeezes the strike zone on our pitchers, it will not be so easy a victory for us.

My beautiful girlfriend and I are leaving for the game after I finish my bowl of cereal, so talk all the Spankee Smack or Halo Hollerin' you can stand on this thread. We have the 2nd seeded team in the American League to root for and they are a telented - as well as an unintimidated - bunch of professionals.

And for all you schaudenfreude freaks out there, in 31 seasons following this team, I've never seen this intense of hate sent our way. Of course it is all envy, jealousy and irrational emotionally-based self-loathing - It is good to win, and them curses we seen are just a mild shade on the sunny tropical island of victory.