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Waiting for the sun

There is a threat of rain in New York on Friday and Saturday. I'm ambivalent as to whether this is of any great assistance to the Angels or not. I'm all for getting Al Leiter all the rest he needs, though, so, whatever. We are in a good position - if we beat the Yankees in Johnson's game, they are demoralized, if they have to come back to SoCal for Game 5 they are demoralized. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, I can make the game at the stadium, just name the time.

Since Finley will not be starting against Randy Johnson, I want to suggest a slightly unorthodox move of starting Juan Rivera in Centerfield and keeping Figgins at 3rd Base. Robb Quinlan is a defensive liability at Third and can DH - Figgy gave great glove on Wednesday night at the hot corner and Paul Byrd requires as stellar a defense behind him as possible.