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More epic than an opera

I am in a stunned state of ecstasy, having gone through many emotions to get here.

The phone is ringing, but I am not picking up, there is someone knocking in my door but I am not answering it (because I know yeswecan is at a bar, and my girlfriend has keys).

That game was one for the ages, and a textbook example of a Yankee homerism on the national scale that might have seen its last dying stages. Along with the elimination of the Red Sox earlier in the day, the end of the most overhyped, predictable and quite frankly dull rivalry in professional sports is upon us.

The Angels gave up a five run lead, took it back, took the lead, added to the lead, had a four-run lead -which they had choked on twice in July in this stadium- in the 9th and won the game.

Garret finally showed up, and Figgins did too a few innings later. Bengie is hurt, let's hope not too seriously. Shields probably threw too many pitches, but Kelvim and Frankie can do an inning each tomorrow, and Santana (as well as Kevin Gregg) await to aid Jarrod Washburn's national audition for free agency.

Nothing classier than Yankee fans booing Randy Johnson's exit , and all leaving en masse themselves in the 7th inning. I'm a little worried about facing Toronto in the ALCS next season. Roy Halladay matches up petty well against our lineup.