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Well, here is a warm thought you can enjoy mid-series...

The 1995 Angels were eliminated form postseason contention in a one-game playoff against Randy Johnson. Ten years and five days later, the Angels humiliated Johnson to get a leg up against his team in the ALDS.

So many dominoes fell from that one-game playoff...

Johnson's Mariners went on to have an exciting postseason and basically saved baseball in Seattle. Rex Hudler, a member of the 1995 Angels, once said that Safeco Field was built courtesy of the 1995 Angels - and it may be the most astute thing he ever said.

New York's Buck Showalter lost to the Mariners in the 1995 playoffs and was replaced as manager of the Yankees by Joe Torre - say the Yanks faced the Angels and beat them and then managed a series win over Cleveland for the A.L. pennant - is Buck's job safe for another year and Torre gets employed somewhere else? Does Showalter push to trade rookie Derek Jeter for pitching?

1995 was also the only World Series win of the Braves' dynasty... Had they faced the Angels or Yankees and not won, would their infamous run of Division Titles have continued without the comfort of having at least won it all once?

Meanwhile, the Angels yet again choking may have been the final push for Jackie Autry to sell out to Disney. This was not the worst thing for the franchise, nor its stadium. A deeper run into the playoffs may have made the franchise appear more valuable to other investors, perhaps ones from out of town. Maybe last night's game was the final sight of the phoenix flying away from its decade-old ashes.

Just something to think about...