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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 166/162

Scioscia @ Torre
Official Game Thread
LACKEY vs. Chacon

Washburn has some sort of throat infection and Lackey is being called into action on three days rest. Let's see, tired starter forcing John into action on three days rest in the postseason... I have read this script before...

Analysis: Chacon pitched us well in July while Washburn pitched well for us against them. UPDATE John was 2-0 aginst the Yankees in the regular season, pitching over 5 innings and allowing a run in each game, one there, on here. He gave up two runs on Wednesday in Anaheim and recieved a no-decision.

Our bullpen is rested and our catcher's less sore.

Would this be the perefect time for Vlad to carry the club on his back or what ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

Runs and Hits: LAA: 6/10, NYY 3/9

Random i-tunes for the game:
You Won't See Me by the Beatles, dedicated to the East Coast Media, who will hopefully be scratching their heads, wondering what to do without AL East teams with whom to circle jerk...

When I call you up
your line's engaged
I have had enough
so act your age