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The 100 Greatest Angels - #99 Dan Ford

#99 - Dan Ford, OF (primarily RF), DH

Dan was acquired in a trade before the 1979 season (due likely to the tragic murder of Lyman Bostock) and was the lineup protection for Don Baylor's MVP season. Disco Dan, as he was nicknamed in the only Summer when that music ever mattered, had quite a year himself - 21 HR, 100 runs, 101 RBI and 264 total bases in a successful quest for the division title. Injuries took their toll on Dan in the 1980 and 81 season. But he did the Halos one last favor - he was part of the trade with Baltimore that brought 3B legend Doug DeCinces to Anaheim.

Career Stats

Dan won a WS with Baltimore in 1983, but is probably best remembered as the answer to a trivia question: Which player hit the first homerun in the remodeled Yankee Stadium? Dan did in 1976 when he was with the Twins.