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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Zips Projections for 2006

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What are ZIPS projections?

Miss Cleo's Stat-Head Boyfriend Speaks

ZIPS is a computer model that is eerily (make that allegedly) accurate in predicting a baseball player's season.

HOW accurate you ask? Crystal Ball perhaps? Spirit Guides maybe. I dunno, ask your psychic.

I have not run the ZIPS success rate next to the Tarot Card pre-season forecast, nor have any internet researchers comapred it in detail to the Animal Entrails Metrics, BUT the individual astrological charts of players correspond with these numbers an astounding 66% of the time.

Why do the statistically-rigid pooh-poo your faith in the clutch and then clutch their own bible of suspended disbelief? Oh I know, well actually, the man behind the curtain knows, but you might be too enraptured with the Great and Powerful Oz to go ask him...