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Holy SHEET, you thought I was crazy but now the Mainstream Media picks up the scent of what I knew I smelt. Mike DiGiovanna's breaking news in today's L.A. Times. The money part of it is...

According to baseball sources, trade talks probably will expand to include the Arizona Diamondbacks, who could send third baseman Troy Glaus to the Red Sox in a three-way deal. In exchange for Ramirez, the Angels could send first baseman Darin Erstad and a prospect or two to Boston and additional players and prospects to Arizona.

Don't ever doubt The Rev again.

In case you don't like the link or the Times' registration process, it also reports that amateur hour is likely to continue as our teevee duo of the Grand Phyzzard and Rex are being offered new contracts. The Vanilla radio team is being offered a re-up as well. No palabro de Jose Mota y Ivan Lara.

And in other news Howie Kendrick answered my email on his Minor Leaguer Blog. Since I eschewed the RevHF monicker, see if you can guess which question is mine...