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Los Angeles Angels of La Mirada

In today's L.A. Times, Arte drops the nuclear bomb:

"I can always relocate the team."

He won't move them out of Southern California. No way. Major Market. Built-In fan base.

He could simply move them 9 miles up the road from Angel Stadium.

The Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet (formerly the La Mirada Drive-In) is a big, developable piece of land that Arte could purchase tomorrow and on which he could begin building a new stadium.

And the biggest bargaining chip it would bring Arte is that after 8 and a half miles, the road crosses into Los Angeles County.

Forget how it affects the burgh of Anaheim, and consider Orange County's leadership.

Does The O.C. want to see the Southeastern Tip of L.A. County get their ballclub?

You think the County Supervisors might send someone over soon to sodomize some sense into Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle?

They will after they get off the 5 Freeway on the Valley View exit and look at the giant parcel that Arte can afford no matter how hot the real estate market gets...

Arte is allowed to ditch his Anaheim lease in 10 years - prior to the 2016 season.

And he is going to!

Bye-bye Platinum Triangle. He could buy land in Southeast L.A. County now -today- and build the stadium in a year. Then he could pay for it by booking circuses, motocrosses and rock concerts at a profit for nine years - all prior to that fateful date.

And this gives Los Angeles County ten years to widen some freeways and eminent domain a parking lot or two.

Marketing-wise, the Swap Meet land is SO close to the team's fanbase and population center that NOBODY (besides the Orange Curtain's Taxman) will notice the team moved.

Dump Curt Pringle, Anaheim, the gun is to your head, the man holding it did not get rich by letting smalltown civic leaders applaud themselves at his expense.