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The 100 Greatest Angels - #92 Joe Adcock

#92 - Joe Adcock, - 1B

Career Stats


Joe was a mid-1960s version of "Proven Veteran Leadership," and in that role was one of the few offensive highlights of the 1964-66 Angel clubs. At 37 he was 15 years older than young Jim Fregosi.

In 373 games as an Angel, Joe hit 53 homeruns, still in the franchise top 30 and his Angel Slugging Percentage of .473 is identical to the career SLG % of Garret Anderson. And similarly to Garret, he is most famous for his virtual anonymity - Adcock's coming in the shadow of the 1957 Milwaukee Braves greats Hank Aaron and Eddie Matthews. Click Here and HERE to read a little more about this unheralded hitter who was great enough to be the 92nd greatest Angel of all time.