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Firstbasemen Shuffle

So Carlos Delgado is being traded to the Mets and Jim Thome is being traded to the White Sox.

What does this mean for the Angels?

Paul Konerko is now likely a little cheaper, and will probably only get four years, but that makes him more attractive to other teams that might have been out of the bidding war before it began.

Angels, Red Sox and Dodgers look like the main bidders, unless the Chi-Sox intend to DH Thome, dump Frank Thomas and strong-arm Konerko down to a manageable 4-year contract.

I still have no idea why the Angels are in the Konerko sweepstakes. We are RICH at 1B - There is an aging (though stellar-gloved) Erstad, a budding Kotchman and an A+ prospect Kendry Morales. It would make more sense to sign Nomar to play 3rd, switch McPherson to 1B and trade Kotchman or some other wild shuffle instead of bringing in Konerko to block the position in the organization.

Of course, one theory is that the Konerko chase is a smokescreen designed by Bill Stoneman to lower what he has to give up for Manny Ramirez. If we get Paul, no way do we trade for Manny, therefore Boston asks for less from us.

Boston's interest in Konerko would be enhanced with Manny's salary off their books, so this all could be a good thing.

Bottom Line: Just Say No to Konerko, Angels.