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Pooh Konerko

Hey everybody, reading all of the internet analysis of Paul Konerko possibly signing with the Angels might convince you that Paulie is a disaster waiting to befall someone:

*Arthritic hip? Check.
*Age 30 on Opening Day? Check.
*Good friends with the Field Manager? Check. (Baseball's claims toward meritocracy always fail when this surface is scratched)
*Would block a position at which the team is deep? Check.
*Is a shitty defender at that position? Check.
*More money per year than Vlad? Check.
*More years than Vlad? Check.
*Couldn't carry Vlad's jockstrap? Check.

Of course, Mike Scioscia's buffet buddy, radio Legend Joe McDonnell loves the thought of one of Mikey's Dodgerbuddies returning to the Non-Tommy Fold. Joe McDonnell would take a bullet for Mike Scioscia he is so mancrush in love with the Head Halo. But that don't make this right.

At his absolute best, Konerko would be Troy Glaus as a 1B with a bad glove. And making $6 million more per year than Troy is making now. And that is the BEST we could hope for, and it would not be likely to last more than a season and they are talking about five or six for a guy who struck out 109 times last season and grounded into 23 Double Plays.

Track Record...
Unlike the starfucker media, most bloggers think about these things. Speaking for myself I am on record as being against the Steve Finley signing from Day One last offseason, so trust me here and not these post-Dodger asslickers all wanting the reflected glory of Big Blue's lost greatness gone elsewhere.