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Hot Stovage: DH

In lieu of a Manny Ramirez trade, and hopeful that the Angels do not drink the Konerko Kool-Aid that the L.A. Times is serving, let's look at the Angels' need for power in their lineup.

Assuming that Tim Salmon has a negligible presence on the '06 squad, the obvious solution is to sign a free agent Designated Hitter.

Considering all of the power developing in our minor league system (The Kendry, The Kendrick and Big Brandon Wood), this DH signing should be a stopgap for '06 and perhaps '07 as a team or vesting option.

So who are the likeliest Designated Hitter candidates out there?

Jeromy Burnitz
Hits for power; 4th outfielder potential
Cons: ex-Cub, 4 months older than Troy Percival, Angel lineup already glutted with Lefty Batters

Erubiel Durazo
Hits for power; Any success would demoralize Oakland
Cons: 4 months older than Darin Erstad; Injury risk; The Glut of Lefty Bats - you'd think the Angel dugout was a meeting of the Revolutionary Communist Party with all the Lefties in Red

Carl Everett
Switch-Hitter, Hits for power
Cons: Does not believe that dinosaurs existed because they are not mentioned in the bible

Mike Piazza
Righty, Hits for power; Still Boffo at the Box Office
Cons: All whiny about still being able to Catch behind the plate despite all evidence to the contrary

Frank Thomas
Righty, Hits for power like a MuthaF#%**$&
Cons: Injury risk

Rondell White
Righty, Hits for power, 4th outfielder potential, would come cheap
Cons: 4 months older than Garret Anderson and showing it