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UNTOUCHABLE Angels in any Manny Ramirez Trade (or any other trade)

Bill Stoneman reportedly told the Red Sox that Ervin Santana was untouchable in any trade talks for Manny Ramirez.
This is a good thing.

So who else is untouchable?
My two cents:

Lackey, Frankie, Magic, Shields, Jered Weaver

Kendrick, Wood, Kotchman, Kendry Morales


In addition to this list, any trade discussions should consider that Colon is not going anywhere and G.A. has 10/5 veto rights (Erstad may also have these rights, although he only played 57 games in 1996, I am not sure if that qualifies him).

How about this blockbuster:
Kelvim Escobar, Adam Kennedy, Brendan Donnelly,
a choice of either Orlando Cabrera or Steve Finley
and one of either Chris Bootcheck, Joe Saunders and Steven Shell
to Boston for
Manny Ramirez and David Wells

The Red Sox are in a position of weakness similar to that of the Seattle Mariners when they were forced to trade Ken Griffey Jr. to the Cincinnatti Reds. KGJ demanded the trade, demanded the team and demanded the terms. Team Sasquatch was left begging for Brett Tomko to be added to the Mike Cameron for Junior swap (although prospect turned Dodger Antonio Perex was in the deal and he netted Seattle Randy Winn).