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Jarrod Washburn is Now Property of Seattle

Jarrod Washburn will be singing with the Seattle Mariners.
He will get a 4 year contract.
He will get $9 million a year.

This is a good deal for Seattle IF they do not trade Centerfielder Jeremy Reed.
Washburn is a flyball pitcher who is quite good when backed up by above average outfield defense in a pitcher's park. Seattle has both of these. If the Mariners replace Raul Ibanez with a better Leftfield glove they will have the perfect recipe for Washburn to reach between 15-20 wins.

I hope all of these wins come against Texas and Oakland.

Washburn has an awful record at Edison Field/Angel Stadium of Anaheim.
So I welcome this signing as a chance to defeat a division foe while our mutual enemies suffer as well.

Plus he is closer to Mike Holmgren, so it brings a little more cheese to espressoville.

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Scott Spiezio signed with Seattle. Soon thereafter, he was divorced by his wife, was cut from the Mariners, began dating a stripper and got a tattoo of her slipping off the short shorts.

He just had to prove that signing with Seattle was not the stupidest thing a guy can do in his life