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The 100 Greatest Angels - #66, Rick Miller

#66 - Rick Miller, CF

Career Stats

If there is a fault in the methodology of this Top 100 Countdown it is in giving a slight edge to key contributors of the 1979 Angels. One could argue that Division Titles are Division Titles and Jose Guillen's contributions to the the 2004 A.L. West Crown were equal or greater than Rick Miller's assistance in winning the West in 1979. Since Jose Guillen didn't make the Top 100 cut, the other accomplishments of Miller Time's three seasons as an Angel - good leadoff batter, excellent CF D - do help his inclusion on the list and ranking at more than just it dregs, but his presence here is one more reminder that you always remember your first in sentimental ways which defy objectivity.

For more facts and less poetry, Rob McMillin of The 6-4-2 L.A. Baseball Blog has at it:

For outfielder Rick Miller, the Angels were a three-year detour on a career otherwise spent entirely with the Boston Red Sox. Blocked by Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice, Fred Lynn, and Dwight Evans, he was a light-hitting reserve outfielder for most of seven straight years. Arriving at California as a free agent in 1977, he more than doubled his plate appearances in 1978 as he became the team's regular center fielder, a year when he won the Gold Glove for his fielding. In 1979, he hit .293 -- a career mark for seasons where he had more than 100 plate appearances -- and contributed to the team winning its first division berth.

The team's principle leadoff hitter his entire career with the Angels, the Angels shipped him back to the Red Sox in the disastrous Mark Clear/Carney Lansford trade.